Get Plugged In

(The Links on this page are under construction - please bear with us as we get everything up and running )

Plugging in at Faith is not hard, but it is important. We purposefully don't a wide variety of programs, because we ultimately don't want people to be distracted from the main mission of making disciples. We want the opportunities we provide to serve in equipping the saints for the work of ministry. This means that we are not just consumers who get, but conduits who pass on what they receive from others. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Contact us here!

  • Check out our calendar to see what's happening!

  • From midweek gatherings, to Sunday School classes, to discovery Bible studies, find out more about being a part of a smaller gathering. These gatherings are designed to equip followers of Jesus with vision and tools to advance the Kingdom, and engage people far from God with the gospel and point them to who God is from the Scriptures.

  • Followers of Jesus are servants. Check out these opportunities and get involved!

  • We see kids' ministry as a great opportunity to lay a strong gospel foundation for the kids that God has given us. We find that kids are excited to learn the Bible, pray, and sing songs no matter how young they may be. Click here to find out more about our kids' ministry.

  • We believe that disciple-making is not limited to adults. As we disciple our students, we know they can be great disciple-makers as well! Our vision is to grow our students in Christ by teaching them to obey all that Christ has commanded, and help them teach others also. We think they are valuable to the overall ministry of the church starting today! What' going on with our students? Click here to find out more!